How It Works

Develop Labs to explore long term goals or specific Challenges to solve tactical issues.


Assess Lab - Simplify Your Interview Process

Assess is a self serve component of that allows talent leaders to set up Labs and Challenges to help evaluate new applicants. Use this tool to help filter applicants at the beginning or end of the interview process.

Onboard Lab - Provide Effective Orientation to New Hires

The way we work is changing rapidly, there are various new collaboration, reporting and operational dashboards that are required for teams and individuals to function effectively. The Onboard solution of the platform helps all leaders within your organization provide effective and results based orientation and onboarding for new  learning experience.

Engage Lab - Inspire Employees with Ongoing Learning

Ongoing learning has been proven as an important part of keeping employees engaged. The Engage solution is a powerful learning tool that can be customized to the needs across all levels of your organization. The platform can easily integrate with your existing tools for easy access and reporting.

Grow Lab -Streamline the Innovation Process

Organizations need to prepare for the future of work. The world is rapidly changing, and in this constant change, innovation teams must establish agile methods of streamlining the innovation process. Reward and recognize employees for solving innovation challenges that can help grow your business and retain top talent.