Professional Services

How We Can Help can connect you with our team of experts to help you integrate deeper customization across all our solutions. Our team of experts will use proven methodologies and frameworks to help you identify the right challenges for your organization and teams. We have worked across multiple industry verticals in business, government and educational institutions to help them successfully build and deliver hundreds of challenges.

LearnLab Discover
LearnLab Discover
Step 1: Planning session to identify key stakeholders, departmental goals and use cases
Step 2: Assess your existing systems and identify gaps
Step 3: Define the strategy for Learn Labs and Challenges that are customized to your business objectives
LearnLab Strategy
LearnLab Strategy
Step 1: Design the Learning Experience and engagement plan
Step 2: Identify the platform integration plan with key systems (LMS, HRIS etc)
Step 3: Design the specific challenges and Learn Labs required
LearnLab Customize
LearnLab Customize
Step 1: Platform customization and testing
Step 2: Import content and existing training and learning modules
Step 3: Platform training with key stakeholders and users
LearnLab Launch
LearnLab Launch
Step 1: Launch employee activation campaign
Step 2: Manage remote Learn Labs and Challenges
Step 3: Evaluate reports, determine impact and optimize


We offer a variety of workshops that will allow your organization unlock its talent’s infinite potential.

We provide your internal champions with the teaching tools and resources needed to equip your employees with the skills needed to better serve your clients and build your innovation culture.

Bring middle management and senior management together led by Prepr Experts to apply our method to your internal challenges and leave with a plan of action to increase your growth or efficiency.

We provide certifications and credentialing for Prepr Certified Facilitators and Prepr Certified Solvers. Additionally, our platform is designed to manage your custom workforce credentials.

LearnLab Programs

Labs are places where like-minded people co-create together by co-learning to co-lab and co-solve real-world challenges and create business opportunities.

We partner with you to build, enhance and evaluate the impact of your internal labs by providing you with the following services: LearnLab programs, sponsored challenges, lab customization, workshops and certification and our custom PIE kits.

By launching a LearnLab Program, your organization will be able to create engaging employee learning experiences, empower employees by giving them a sense of purpose and ownership and identify top talent growth potential.

We tailor-make each platform implementation to specifically meet the needs of the organization we’re working with in order to reduce change management efforts and make the roll-out as painless as possible so you can focus on outcomes.

We know how difficult it can be to look outwards from within. Our goal is to create on-going partnerships to support the innovation ecosystem within your organization and the community around you.

Our Lab managed services enables us to help ensure you’re on track in achieving your desired success criteria and outcomes through:

  • Regular meetings with management and key stakeholders to evaluate lab program impact
  • Customized Monthly Reports on employee engagement , project creation, and implementation journey 
  • Ongoing monitoring of your Labs to ensure success
  • Semi-Annual / Annual Internal Innovation Assessments to benchmark results, challenge design and management

Customization Services

  • Single-sign-on (SSO) Integration (LDAP/Microsoft…)
  • Initial setup & customization
  • Lab setup 

  • Challenge setup and configuration
  • Complete integration into Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS i.e. Workday, Ceridian, BambooHR, Oracle, etc..)
  • Project Management Systems (Atlassian)
  • Learning Management Systems (D2L, Blackboard, Moodle, etc..)
LearnLab Integrations
LearnLab Integrations
Connect the tools you love with LearnLab. Productivity, social integrations, simple connectors, and other out-of-the-box solutions help to streamline your learning and innovation workflow. Create, send, track, and save important documents without leaving the LearnLab platform.​​