At Prepr, we aim to empower individuals from all around the world to pursue lifelong learning by providing open education and practical tools to help develop skills and solve problems. We envision a world where people learn together, are empowered to ask questions, seek knowledge, and co-create a better future by learning the PIE method, tackling challenges, and future-proofing their skills through life long skills development.

Problems Prepr Tackles

Our corporate social responsibility initiatives aim to solve global problems faced in education. The problems that Prepr is working towards solving includes problem in education, problems in the World, and the problem in skills gap that exists between students and employers.
Problem in Education
Prepr address problems in education such as lack of a global mindset and how modern solutions are needed to solve global problems. Prepr also aims to provide open education to all, so that everyone can work with an even playing field when it comes to education.
Problem in Skills Gap

Prepr aims to fill in the skills gap and provide a bridge between employers, students, and educators. Prepr Challenge, Programs, and PIE Kits, aim to address the skills gap, skills shortage, skills unmatch, and the need for upskilling/reskilling.

Future of Work

At Prepr, our goal is to help you “Future-Proof” your skills. We want to ensure that the future workforce is ensured to have the skills required to succeed. Prepr provides tools to help you learn new skills, participate in industry-based challenges and connect you to future employers and resources.

How Prepr Helps

The Prepr Network provides a variety of challenges that aim to solve global problems posed by real companies, and also align with the United National Sustainable Development Goals.
Prepr offers a variety of different programs that allow different groups to grow their skills and empower individuals to pursuing careers in innovation and technology sectors.
Learn + Lab Kits

Customize Prepr to your classroom, organization, or team needs through purchasing custom learn + lab kits that include different PIE methodology sources.

Prepr Supports Skills Development

Prepr supports the need to upskill and reskill individuals soft skills and hard skills and ultimately create agile learners in the workplace and the World. Through the Prepr Network, we encourage people to participate in challenges, labs, programs, and projects that recognizes and rewards the practice of these skills.
Hard Skills
Prepr recognizes and rewards users who gain the top hard skills recognized by Linkedin and the World Economic Forum. These skills include: – Cloud Computing – Artificial Intelligence – Analytical Reasoning – People Management – UX Design
Soft Skills

Prepr recognizes and rewards users who gain the top soft skills recognized by Linkedin and the World Economic Forum. These skills include:

– Creativity
– Persuasion
– Collaboration
– Adaptibility
– Time Management

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Prepr is actively working with the United Nations and the Federal Government of Canada to advocate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a collection of 17 global goals acting as an urgent call to all countries to participate. Prepr promotes these goals through challenges so that everyone has the opportunity to strategize and tackle these goals. This is an active part of our core values until the year 2030.

Get Involved with Prepr

Contact us to get involved and stay updated with Prepr’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, and other news or events.