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4 Benefits of a Growth Mindset Culture

Challenge-based learning can be used in internal talent development to encourage a growth mindset culture in the workplace. But what are the benefits of a growth mindset culture? And how does challenge-based learning support these benefits?
The following are four primary benefits of a growth mindset culture that can be fostered using a challenge-based learning approach.

1. Organizational growth and innovation

The first key benefit of the growth mindset cultivated by challenge-based learning is perhaps the most obvious benefit: organizational growth and innovation.

With challenge-based learning, employees practise innovating and taking risks to produce creative solutions. In companies with growth mindsets, employees are 49% more likely to report that their company fosters innovation.

Having a growth mindset culture inspires employees continuously to become innovators themselves and be unafraid of taking the initiative to accelerate the company’s growth with innovation.

With encouragement from the growth mindset culture and the innovative skills learned in challenge-based learning programs, employees have all of the mental and cognitive tools to innovate organizational growth.

2. Future-proof approach

Current trends suggest that employers need to prepare for the future of work by prioritizing growth and the ‘journey’ over results, with the understanding that technology will continue to shift how we live, work, and succeed.

A study on growth mindset culture in various industries revealed that “digital transformation” is most often the main driver of growth mindset initiatives.

The challenge-based learning framework emphasizes digital literacy and leveraging modern technology to innovate future-proof solutions; implementing a CBL talent development strategy supports a lasting growth mindset culture.

The team and company future-proofs success by adopting the attitude of continuous improvement using modern-day tools.

3. Supportive environment

Another primary benefit of the growth mindset cultivated by challenge-based learning is the lasting supportive environment in the workplace.

This supportive environment means a culture of diverse employees supporting one another’s growth and skills development, making sense in a challenge-based learning context because challenge-based learning is all about connecting with diverse minds to create a collaborative win.

The challenge-based learning technique encourages team members to support one another as they work together towards a common goal. Outside of this internal talent development strategy, the supportive environment continues through a holistic growth mindset culture.

As employees are encouraged to focus on getting better rather than getting ‘good’ at what they do, they enjoy a blame-free environment. Employees support one another positively to facilitate overall growth, company-wide.

Those working in growth mindset organizations are 47% more likely to see their colleagues as trustworthy, and as such, are likely to be influenced by one another’s support of each other.

Experts and research consistently agree that challenge-based learning fosters growth mindsets and that growth mindsets foster organizational growth and innovation, a future-proof approach, a supportive environment, and empowered employees.

All of these benefits and more contribute to the effectiveness of challenge-based learning programs. Employers and companies should seriously consider implementing a challenge-based learning program to benefit from the growth mindset culture.