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10 Organizational Benefits of Internal Innovation

Companies are increasingly recognizing the impact of innovation. As such, many are implementing internal talent development programs to promote innovation within their workforce. Employees gain a range of skills that make them competitive job candidates in today’s innovation age. How does internal innovation directly benefit the organization and employer? Here are some top 10 benefits of […]


How to Foster a More Connected Company Culture

Challenge-based learning could be the key to unlocking a more connected company culture for your workforce. This alternative skills development method is a collaborative experience that strengthens company culture by connecting individual team members in a meaningful, lasting way. Not only is collaboration itself a vital and in-demand future-proof skill but also a method of […]

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5 Benefits of a Connected Company Culture

When it comes to work, having a strong company culture can be extremely beneficial for everyone involved. By using challenge-based learning, teams can connect and improve the overall culture of their organization in several ways. Let’s take a look at five significant benefits of a connected company culture, and the role challenge-basd learning can play […]


4 Ways Challenge-Based Learning Builds Soft Skills

Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) has gained recognition for its unique advantages in developing soft skills. But what does that look like in practice? This article will explore that question, highlighting four key ways that Challenge-Based Learning develops learners’ soft skills. 1. Interaction with peers A key facet of Challenge-Based Learning is collaboration. This means leveraging each […]

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4 Benefits of a Growth Mindset Culture

Challenge-based learning can be used in internal talent development to encourage a growth mindset culture in the workplace. But what are the benefits of a growth mindset culture? And how does challenge-based learning support these benefits? The following are four primary benefits of a growth mindset culture that can be fostered using a challenge-based learning […]

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4 Ways We Can Build an Innovative Future of Work

It’s been said that Canada needs innovation to support its economic future. But how do we build innovation in today’s workforce? How do we train today’s workers to think different, to become lifelong learners, and to push for diverse people and perspectives within their workplaces? This article will detail four approaches to accomplishing those goals […]

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How to Start Networking

Networking is an important part of almost every modern career. It can be useful for meeting new clients, finding new job opportunities, and meeting the right candidates. Networking is also an excellent way to get your foot in the door when starting down a new career path. It can also be, however, quite daunting if […]

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Banner: Defining Sustainable Business.

Defining Sustainable Business

The term Sustainability is often brought up when discussing future-proofing businesses or marketing to new audiences. Sustainability is brought to mind when discussing ethics, labour, environmental legislation, and waste and manufacturing – just to name a few instances. It seems then, that understanding sustainability as a term and as a concept is crucial. Sustainability is […]

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Connecting Innovators to Investors

Innovation is critical for the long term success of any endeavour – and in order to innovate, organizations and individuals need funds. However, finding funding can be a project in itself, and finding a network that allows for easy connection and collaboration can be critical. By connecting to key investors – innovation can push forward, […]

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